In a birth month, where you’re anticipating the call at any time, in the back of your mind you’re always calculating arrangements that would need to be made if you were called NOW. Farm chores to be taken care of, children to be cared for, a snack grabbed, and a water bottle on the way out the door. And no matter when the call comes, it all works out.

So when Scott called to say Angela was in labor, I finished collecting eggs, grabbed my bag with equipment already ready, filled a water bottle, grabbed a slice of left-over pizza, gave the kids all hugs and kisses and was on my way.

It always amazes me that life goes on – even when someone is in the midst of birthing their baby. On the way, the gas station was busy, the street light still moved through red-green-yellow cycles, a woman walked her dog … all as if this incredible event wasn’t taking place.

But it was. Inside a warm home, where women were supporting a woman as she worked hard to birth her baby, a big-sister-to-be was helping her daddy cook scrambled eggs …. a move from birthing-ball to couch to bathroom to bedroom to a beautiful baby boy … Noah Thomas.



Congratulations Angela, Scott, Hannah, and Baby Noah! Such a joy to be present at such an incredible birth.



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