Ashley and Claudiane ~ Wedding Photography at Point Au Roche

So excited to be sharing the beautiful images captured as part of Ashley and Claudiane’s whirlwind wedding day! We met for an hour at Point Au Roche at the end of their day. I loved getting the opportunity to hang out with them, their well-loved dog (Gladys), and Claudiane’s parents <3 It was such a beautiful day - if not hot - and Claudiane and Ashley were up for all the walking. The details were so fun - Claudiane's floral crown, Ashley's hat.... even Gladys had her wedding best on! lgbtq-friendly-photographer-plattsburgh

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Waiting for Baby ~ Plattsburgh Birth Photographer

The birth community is growing beautifully in Clinton County which is leading to more inquiries about my birth photography services. Rachel and Jake and their two girls are one of the families eagerly waiting for their newest addition – with my number on speed dial :)

While they wait for their baby to decide the comfy cozy place s/he has been growing in for all of its life is actually becoming a little tight and s/he would like to see all the family waiting to meet her/him …. we met up at Woven Meadows in Saranac for a fun wild-flower-filled maternity shoot.

Can’t wait to see these four five again soon!


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Baby Audrey in the Adirondacks

Baby Audrey lives in the quintessential Adirondack home and her dad lovingly handcrafted Adirondack details – like birch trees mounted to her nursery walls, a mobile featuring delicate felted woodland creatures, and wooden crates conveniently located above her changing table. Her mom carefully stocked those cubbies with a variety of cloth diapers and other baby essentials.

It was so fun to capture Audrey’s darling features in and around her charming home. Looking forward to seeing her again – relatively soon!- when she’s sitting up with big baby grins.

Baby Photographer Jay NY

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The Fabulous Emma :: Saranac Class of 2017

So excited that senior sessions are starting up! And I can’t think of a senior I’d rather kick off the season with than Emma <3

Be inspired!

Saranac High School Senior Photography

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Farm maternity shoot

These two! I’m so excited for them. Not only are they pretty awesome parents-to-be … they have this stellar family that includes a lactation consultant. What could be better for a couple expecting their first baby?
It was so fun (and a little hot and a little buggy) traipsing about the farm, capturing the love, anticipation, and beauty of this growing family <3
Can’t wait to meet the new baby soon!!


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Babies grow so fast!

I always tell new parents at newborn shoots – you’ll be surprised in a month, how much your new baby has changed!
I know it’s true. But it doesn’t mean I wasn’t shocked when I found myself in the role of photographer (and parent) while doing a baby shoot with our one year old. Re-creating a picture I did when doing her newborn photography shoot, the change in her – from infant-to-almost-toddler was amazing.
Parenting is incredible because you get  a front row seat to another life as it develops and matures. But that front row seat doesn’t always give you the broader perspective of how quickly your children are growing. So thankful we have these images to document our family’s life <3




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Normalize Breastfeeding Project

I’m so excited to be able to support families in our area by normalizing breastfeeding. We see breastfeeding regularly, but often don’t even realize. And even though babies get hungry anywhere, anytime – families are not always comfortable breastfeeding anywhere, anytime.
In order to support women who do want to feel empowered to breastfeed whenever wherever – I’m working on a project, photographing women as they breastfeed in public places around the North Country. The hope is that these beautiful local images will be featured in a multi-location exhibit during breastfeeding awareness week, August 1-7, 2016.

If you’re interested in helping with this Normalize Breastfeeding Project, please send me contact me! I’m so excited about all the enthusiasm so far and would be thrilled to include you!

normalize breastfeeding project

Plattsburgh Breastfeeds

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Love Your Mother

Psst – Mother’s Day is coming up in exactly three weeks. Here’s the thing about mom’s (I know, because I am a mom) – we are rarely in front of the camera. It’s like the entire childhood of the humans we raise is documented (by us) so we are never in the documentation – there are so few pictures of us in our children’s lives because we’re always behind the camera!
This is where we’re comfortable.
But – our kids are going to want pictures of us (I know this, because I have a mom). They are going to want pictures of us now – when we are in the trenches of parenthood and aren’t feeling our photographic best (perhaps). They won’t care. They’ll look back and won’t see the flaws you and I see in ourselves – they’ll see the love.

So love your mother and make a photo shoot happen – so she’s not responsible for documenting and she’s compelled to be captured with her family. Family shoots are fun, relaxed, and will capture the essence of your family.

Plattsburgh Mother's Day

Contact me to book your shoot today, or order a gift certificate here. Either way – Love Your Mother on Mother’s Day (May 8th) and every day.

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Baby Photography with Finn

Baby Finn couldn’t wait to make his appearance … and surprised everyone by arriving weeks ahead of when the calendar said he would arrive! And he is pure perfection at a little over 6lbs! I was so excited to meet up with Eamon and Christine again as they enter into this exciting transformative phase of parenthood. And I could think of no couple I would rather work with as I relax into the influence of birthing again myself. I warned Christine that she’d be in some pictures and I was so relieved that she didn’t immediately refuse. It’s not easy to have the camera focused on you right after you’ve experienced birth – but I promised her she’d be thankful for these images later.

I’ve always always resisted having a studio. It’s tempting for newborn work, but I always come back to the huge advantage (in my mind) of meeting families in their homes. This means families aren’t being asked to bring out a new new baby when the world is kind of overwhelming (all the extra “just in case” items to pack, weather to contend with, unknown routines, etc). The other advantage, in my mind, is that shoots can be very individualized – the hat mom knitted while pregnant, or the blanket that has been passed down generations – or even just that huge stuffed animal that would have been too cumbersome to transport along with all the baby paraphernalia. So I’ve always come back to the advantages of doing in-home newborn shoots outweigh the advantages of a studio.

And after the birth of our third baby (I told you it would be a while before I got back to blogging!), the individualizing of newborn shoots has become all the more important to me. Kicking this up a notch, I realized, means really capturing newborns in their own space. Sure, I can still bring along studio-type equipment that allows for that look – but the pictures I’m really loving creating, are the ones that are so clearly special because they could only be captured in this moment, with this family, in this place. It’s not a studio – I can’t just change different people out on the same background. And this is what makes the work I do with Brown Eyed Photography so exciting for me. It’s authentic photography.

So I’m easing back into blogging and I’m excited to share some of the work I’ve been doing in the last few months as I ease back into photography more fully.

And now on with the images of Finn’s baby shoot!

North Country Birth Photographer

baby photographer

Plattsburgh Baby Photographer

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Photographer gives birth

When a photographer births a baby, you know the pictures are going to be worth seeing. And our baby was ready to arrive less than a week after our last wedding!

Plattsburgh Birth Photographer

I was so excited about having my own newborn to play with during that ideal newborn photography age of 3-10 days old. I had props, lighting, and inspiration ready to go!
And then we had an incredible birth at home that Josh was able to photograph … and I found I never wanted to put my baby down. I wanted to spend all this time staring in wonder at her perfection. I didn’t want to pick up a camera, I didn’t want to think about all the amazing images I could create, and I certainly didn’t want to put her down! I found myself not very interested in the regular studio – look images … I wanted images that captured our life as it was. I wanted authentic images.

This desire for authentic images will no doubt influence my future newborn shoots … I’m excited to see my photography style evolve.

Baby Photography in Saranac

North Country Baby Photographer

Expect things to slow way down here at Brown Eyed Photography while we enjoy our new baby. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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