Abby and Haider’s Wedding at The Mountain House


Haider and Abby were such an exciting couple to work with – they had awesome ideas for a relaxed wedding celebration that included a oh-so-many details that we loved at The Mountain House. Surrounded by spectacular views of some of the Adirondacks highest peaks, the day was fully of beauty, love, and emotion. Friends and family gathered from around the world to support Abby and Haider through their day full of ups and downs. We were so honored to be present to capture Abby and Haider through last minute celebration preparations, a quick sneaky get-away for some pictures, a ceremony that was a little rocky to get started – and then ended so wonderfully as Abby and Haider said their personal vows to each other. There were tears and giggles, hugs and kisses. The celebratory feast created by Smoke Signals Barbecue of Lake Placid was fantastically accompanied by Back Porch Society – with their funky beat, washboard playing, and eclectic style … well, my mouth is watering and my ears are aching for that music again. Such a fun combo and a perfect ending to a wonderful day for a world-traveling couple. Here’s a taste (in pictures, not in barbecue ;) ):












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Danielle and John say “I do” in Burlington, Vermont


Today Danielle and John have been married for seven months! The time has flown by for us – it’s a weird mix of: “didn’t we just shoot that wedding?” and “it’s only been seven months?!” But that just makes picking images for their blog post to share with you all the sweeter.
Danielle and John both are St. Michael’s College alum – which is always extra special for us. There’s something that seems to attract a certain type of person to St. Mike’s … and we happen to click quickly with couples who are familiar with the food at alliot or dorm life in the quad.
It was so fun getting to know these two as they planned their wedding and we loved seeing it all come together on their spectacular day. From the church that they are personally involved with, to the family gathering from Vermont (hers) and New Jersey (his), to the awesome purple details (my favorite was Danielle’s sash, I think), to the … well – I can shutup and just show you all of the wonderfulness!





















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Chelsey and Josh’s June Wedding at Harmony Golf Course


Chelsey and Josh were an awesome couple to kick off our 2014 wedding season. Josh’s seriousness, but quick smile. Chelsey’s easy-going-nature and zeal for life. Such a fun combination. They were awed by my excitement over purchasing two of their calves and hauling them home in the back of our Scion XB after their engagement shoot. The calves safely in their pasture at home, we were thrilled to be hanging out with Chelsey and Josh on their day. Even amidst the getting-ready Chelsey was so easy going and had been so blase about any questions I asked about her wedding that I was expecting a very casual affair. I knew there would be peonies – Chelsey was crossing her fingers that the peonies in her own yard would bloom in time. And I was very excited about big blooms of peonies. I was not expecting adorable matching robes for the bridesmaids, a stunning head piece for Chelsey, and perfection in burlap and lace. Chelsey made wedding planning seem so easy and casual.

And if that wasn’t all enough to put us in wedding-photography-heaven … there was a mild threat of rain all day. Right before the ceremony the clouds thickened, knitting tightly together. The tension was noticeable as guests hushed and the procession started. Just as Chelsey and her dad started walking towards Josh and the music shifted to “Here Comes the Sun” – the clouds parted, the sun streaked through the clouds in magical lines. There was an intake of breath from Chelsey and Josh’s most loved friends and family gathered to witness their commitment. That’s the kind of thing Chelsey and Josh didn’t plan.

Harmony Golf Course‘s vistas are unmatched and their easy-going perfection complimented Chelsey and Josh perfectly. Paired with Taylor Rental‘s touch …. yeah, incredible. It’s fun to be wowed at a wedding -and I should stop being surprised because it happens every time – the wow factor is seeing how each couple makes their wedding so perfect for them. Through the details, the colors, the guests. And at Josh and Chelsey’s wedding we were wowed again …. you’ll see!






































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Happy New Year!

Christmas blog '15

2014 was SO fun! The first-looks at weddings, the snuggly new babies, the mature high school seniors, the growing families, the beloved couples full of stories of love and friendship … I can’t say enough how honored we are to be invited into our clients’ lives to capture a moment in life – big (a wedding) and every day (beloved couples).

The 2015 calendar is filling up with more awesome clients that we’re enjoying getting to know as well as returning clients (photo shoots are addicting! We’re thinking of starting a support group :) ). If you want your name on the calendar, shoot us an email asap! Whether it’s an Adirondack wedding you have in mind, an urban high school senior shoot, or a snowy family session, we’re ready (with snowsuits when needed ;) ).

Can’t wait to capture the you that makes you YOU in 2015!!

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Lee Ann and Kyle’s Saint Mike’s Wedding

October 25th in Vermont can be beautifully balmy with rich fall foliage … or it can be snowing. The week leading up to Lee Ann and Kyle’s wedding we were holding our breath. It was an entire week of cold and wet.
And then Saturday dawned with … well, not sunshine, but it was dry! And it wasn’t balmy, but it was warm enough for flip flops for this North Country Photographer. After a week of holding our breath and dreaming of bright umbrellas and puddle reflections, we found ourselves so very thankful for thick cloud cover that held in its rain.

And rain, clouds, snow, or sun – these two would not have worried. Lee Ann and Kyle such an amazing team who are clearly best friends and now also husband and wife! We had so much fun capturing these two as they prepared for their big day, exchanged vows, and celebrated with family and friends.

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Karin and Connie’s Wedding

Vermont and the Adirondacks attracts destination weddings. And we’re the lucky ones who get to live in the area all the time!
Karin and Connie fell in love with Woodstock, VT and were thankful to find Farmhouse Inn.

Because Karin and Connie’s home base is in Texas, we didn’t connect in person until the week of their wedding (for their e-shoot, also included in this slideshow!). Within minutes it was clear that this would be a wedding that would have us laughing the whole night. It was also clear that these women were in awe of trees with any size – something apparently lacking in Texas.

These two have been together for 22years and Karin has joked all along that she wasn’t sure she was ready to commit. Finally finally a wedding was planned. It would be small, just a few guests as travel to Vermont would be required. To Karin and Connie’s surprise, more and more friends and family members asked if they could also come for this once-in-a-lifetime event. The couple was humbled by the time and expense their wedding guests invested in the opportunity to celebrate Karin and Connie’s relationship.

So with that backdrop, the wedding was incredible. Approximately 30 amazing, gifted, friendly, outgoing, hilarious friends and family members arrived for a beautiful farm wedding. The details were spectacular, the weather perfect, and the couple fabulous. We were so thrilled to document this wedding.

Thank you so much, Karin and Connie – and the biggest of congratulations!

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Ashley and Heath’s Wedding

Wow wow wow! The love and support surrounding Ashley and Heath on their wedding day would bring you to tears. I know this, because I was sniffling behind my camera. Despite a drizzly cold day, family and friends gathered and made it clear how much they love these two – whether clapping and cheering at the church, welcoming Ashley and Heath into the reception, or while the couple had their first dance. And speaking of first dance! – Awesome. Seriously. Best.First.Dance.
We were so honored to document this magical wedding day and can’t wait to share this slideshow!!

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Beth and Kyle’s Wedding

Beth and Kyle’s surprisingly hot end-of-September wedding was full of love and tradition. Kyle’s brother and best man talked about how he prayed for a brother and sister (his prayers were answered – at the same time with brother/sister twins). He prayed for his brother to be like his mom, his sister, himself, and his dad. And Kyle has a little bit of each of his family members in him. And then his best man prayed for Kyle to be complete – and Beth completes him. This was so sweetly shared and so clearly shown throughout the day – the look Kyle gave just to Beth, or the confidence Beth had that Kyle would be there when she turned to look … We’re so happy for these two and honored to have captured their day.

We’re so excited to share Kyle and Beth’s slideshow!

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Kyla and Andy’s Wedding

Kyla and Andy (“Ky” & “Remy”!) were beautifully wed on September 20th at the Red Barn in South Berwick, Maine, after taking a “first look” beforehand in the lovely gardens of the nearby Hamilton House. It was an incredible day full of smiles, hugs, laughs, and love!

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Abigail and Haider atop the Adirondacks

Abby and Haider’s wedding included a Mehendi at Abby’s parents’ Lake Placid home. Their wedding ceremony was set at the picturesque Mountain House in Keene, with simple stunning details. A perfect event for a couple inviting friends and family from around the world – and they themselves traveling from their current home in Switzerland. This was the finale of celebration around Abby and Haider’s nuptials and we loved capturing the emotions, guests, and laughter that their wedding day brought. Abby and Haider’s vows were perfectly personal, their wedding party delightfully game for anything, and their family and friends every devoted to supporting this couple on their day and beyond.

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