Everyday is Beautiful

Capturing your family in their true beauty – even in the seemingly mundane moments – is an image treasured for a lifetime and beyond. Our most valuable possessions are the pictures we have of our family members. We look back fondly on these images and remember what a parent looked like, or how cute that 6-year-old looked with missing teeth, or that dress that the 10-year-old loved to wear and insisted on wearing for pictures. And often time, the tiny details would be all but forgotten had we not had an image to look back on. A treasure, a piece of our family history, to hold. Capturing those invaluable memory-keepers is my job as your photographer and I take it most seriously. Because I too value the precious moments, frozen forever on paper, for me to revisit. Don’t let these moments pass by without capturing them. Oh so quickly, the never-to-be-left-behind-blanky is stuffed behind a bed, misplaced for months with no one noticing; the never-ending-cartwheel practicing becomes a habit forgotten; the daily cooking routines evolve to mold around new routines and no longer include the stool the toddler needed to reach the counter to “help”…
These are the moments. Today. The small ones. Let’s tell the story of these details that shape your family’s personality.

Every Family is Beautiful

So your family doesn’t have matching clothes, your house isn’t spotless, your life isn’t exciting …. great! We’re documenting the authentic story of your life. The three-year-old insisting on wearing those pj bottoms, the art supplies that keep finding their way all across your kitchen table, the drinking-coffee-walking-the-dog-routine … all of it is part of your beautiful story today. Let’s tell your story in images. The images that you’ll enjoy pulling out – to remember – and your kids and grand kids will enjoy seeing, images to hold your memories.

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