Erica and Brock have a very very lucky baby. They are both incredibly sweet with each other and have the kind of relationship that makes me think this baby is one lucky little person! They are community oriented, thoughtful, caring, and compassionate. They are also in the process of building their house. That might be an overstatement. The “building” part. At the end of their maternity shoot after taking pictures at home, in Malone, at the rec field … we made a quick zippy drive over to their building site to see if we could catch the sunset. The excavator was there but no ground broken yet. They showed me where the front porch would be and I asked them where their bedroom was going to be. I sat them right there and for the last two pictures in this post – that’s where they are! In their future bedroom! Brock emailed me a few days after the shoot to tell me that the excavating had begun with some hard decisions made along the way (details like floor depth). They are so glad we were up at their home site before it became an actual construction site. Can’t wait to see the progress for these two! Did I mention they are also expecting 🙂
I’m counting the days until baby Erica+Brock arrives!



Erica and Brock :: maternity photography in beautiful light – Malone, NY — 3 Comments

  1. They are both very exceptional people, I wish them both the best of luck with the new baby.
    Erica is my niece, and Brock is my nephew by marriage. I was lucky enough to go to their wedding several years ago.
    We cant wait to see the newest member of our family.

  2. I agree that they are both exceptional people and I am honored to have become their friend over the last few months. I can’t wait for the newest addition to your family too! Pictures to follow 🙂

  3. Brock and Erica are beautiful people and will be wonderful parents. Your new home will be filled with Love and Joy, pitter and patter and ….poops and burps!!!!LOL
    Uncle Walter

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