Family photography sessions with Brown Eyed Photography are all about capturing the unique relationships that are so important to your family. You wear what you want, we go where you want, and we’ll create images that reflects the essence of your family. Sessions are easy going and fun. We’ll get to know each other before the session, and collaborate to create the images that fully express what makes your family YOUR family.lake-placid-family-photography

All pricing includes my time/talent/expertise. Prints and products are purchased separately during your viewing session.

Our Story
This is your opportunity to have authentic daily moments captured beautifully. It’s the starting of coffee in the morning that you now share with your teen, the combing toddler bed heads that just yesterday had no hair, the reminding the tween to grab their homework – when last week you were helping her tie her shoes, it’s the making of dinner with the help of a teen you can remember as a toddler who wrapped themselves around your legs, the bath time fun that always ends with more water in the tub than out, the reading of bedtime stories…. This is your life. And before you know it – it that infant becomes a toddler becomes a kid, becomes a tween, becomes a teen, becomes a grown up. Document the moments you’ll want to revisit. Our Story sessions last approximately 4 hours. Commission $325

These sessions are planned around an activity your family loves – going to get ice cream, going for a walk in the woods, a brief kayaking adventure, baking cookies, raking leaves … There is minimal posing and maximum documenting your family’s interactions – the hugs, the laughs, the tears. It’s a fun activity where you happen to have a photographer along for the adventure.
Lifestyle sessions last approximately 2 hours. Commission $250

A Twist on Traditional
We’ll pick an outdoor location that you love and meet with your fabulous family where I’ll offer gentle posing guidance and capture your family’s love and uniqueness.
A Twist on Traditional sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are generally scheduled in the late afternoon or early morning. Commission $125

Viewing and Ordering Session
Approximately 3 weeks after your session, there will be a premiere viewing for your images. At that time you will be able to choose your collection featuring your family’s images or make image purchases from an a la carte menu.
Collections start at $375.