These wedding albums are the perfect way to showcase the photos and relive the memories from your day.  Photographer designed, they are available in large 12×12 or 10×10 inch sizes, and contain approximately 30 pages.

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There are two cover options: smooth or canvas photographic, or single- and duo-tone linen, leather, and faux-leather in a wide variety of color and textures.

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Images are printed directly on the thick, sturdy pages, and spread edge-to-edge with no margins.

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The album and pages lay flat when opened, and with virtually no center seam, are perfect for panoramas spreading from page to page.  In addition to panoramas and single picture pages, albums also feature montages in beautiful arrangements.

Guest Books

A traditional part of many weddings, Brown Eyed Photography’s photographic guest books take signing your name to a whole new level.  Featuring photos from your engagement session and providing a place for guest to write their happy messages and well-wishes, the guest book will double as a record of memories from your pre-wedding era and of the thoughts and love circulating on your wedding day.

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