Kristen and Mark are amazing. They’ve followed us from Vermont to NY … during our crazy year of moving and they are just as enthusiastic about Brown Eyed Photography as ever. They even made the trek after their wedding out to the farm to see us! But I’m getting ahead of myself and missing out on the part where they had an awesome rain-free wedding.

Saint Michael’s College campus was in its fall prime and we took every advantage of it! The Essex kindly gifted us a rainbow RIGHT during the time we had set aside to do formal pictures with Mark and Kristen. Thank you, Essex!
Saint Mike’s and The Essex seem to go hand in hand as we’ve had several couples use both venues – and we’re thrilled with how unique each wedding is even when they share venues.

I will keep you waiting no longer – pictures, you came to see pictures!

This was the last wedding of our 2012 season and we couldn’t have picked a better one to end on! Thank you a million times a million, Kristen and Mark, for a beautiful wedding that included an excuse to re-visit St. Mike’s. Always fun to see “our” campus again – even if Father Brian doesn’t remember us on busy wedding days 🙂



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