Plattsburgh Family Photographer

I’m Sarah the “brown eyed girl” behind Brown Eyed Photography.  You might see me climbing on a chair for that unique angle on a special moment, or clicking away and holding a conversation – about how you two met, what being a new parent is like, or what your plans after graduation are. I’m always sporting a smile (but you might not see it behind the camera!), striving to make your photography experience as fun, comfortable, and worry free as possible.

As a journalism major in college, I was able to take her photography hobby a step further, as a photographer and photo-editor for the Saint Michael’s College online magazine, The Echo. The photojournalistic approach she used and developed then is something she still brings to my photography now, both weddings and lifestyle portraits.

Having caught the photography bug from me, Josh brings a complementary pair of blue eyes to Brown Eyed Photography.  Photographing alongside (or anywhere, really) Sarah at weddings, he is the quieter half of our team(and like a ninja or a sniper, he might be creating images without you even knowing!)

Worry not, for the brown eyes still outnumber the blue 3-to-2, thanks to our 10 year old son, Noah and 8 year old daughter, Del (Josh gets team-blue with our newest addition, Rye).  They deprive us of sleep, intervene in our work, make messes faster than we can clean, and, oh yes, provide us with so much fun, awe, and love. It’s no accident that many of us get more serious with our photography when kids enter our life!

We live in a beautiful community, right on the edge of the Adirondack Park in Saranac, New York. Here, when we’re not capturing amazing clients in this incredible setting, we’re working hard on our sustainable farm, Woven Meadows or meeting and greeting our neighbors and friends at our nearby coffee shop/bakery/cafe/farm store, Farmhouse Pantry. We love our full life and would love to meet you. Feel free to track us down during our business hours at Farmhouse Pantry – or call and arrange a time to come by and see the farm!