Enjoy the wedding images above created by Northern New York and Vermont photographers Sarah and Josh of Brown Eyed Photography.

Your Family

Wedding photographs from your parents, your grandparents … are invaluable. You may have one or two images from your grandparents. Maybe a dozen from your parents. It’s always a joy to see the younger version of your ancestors, marvel at the styles of their time, and smile at the glow of love showing on their faces.
For your wedding day, you want your story to be documented, adding to the visual history of your family. When the day is said and done, the last song has played, the last hug given, the yummy cake consumed … you will have years of beautiful art pieces that best preserve the memories from your very special day.

Your Story

Your story is beautiful. Our goal is that you don’t remember we were part of your day in the moment, but when you hold your images in your hand, you can see your story in full – the small details that you worked so hard on in the months leading up to your wedding, the emotion of your family and friends seeing you commit to your partner for life, the beauty of the surroundings you choose for your wedding day – the moments you can be completely present for, trusting entirely that it will be documented for you to revisit throughout your marriage.

A wedding day is a significant moment in a relationship and we take very seriously the reality that the images created on this day will never be recreated and will be revisited year after year. This means your relationship is where we focus our photography work. Those in between moments, the look of awe, the care-free laughter, the tender kiss – that’s what tells your story and that’s what we document on your wedding day.

Let’s add your story to your family history. Let’s document your day so your family will be able to go back and enjoy seeing the love that is central to your relationship.

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